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Most are only one of each, all are signed / dated or Numbered. The sample prints can have small flaws like a small smear of ink, little dent in the paper or they are simply not in the current color online collection. Available for a short while.

Title: DAHLIA ( Gold/Plum-red )

Size: 50x70cm

Out of stock

Made by Hand

Graphic designer and illustrator, Monika Petersen has chosen an old and traditional craft as her form of artistic expression. Monika creates modern artworks using the old linocut method – a technique that requires patience and endurance.

Inspired by nature

Welcome to a world where time, endurance and precision come together to produce prints that exude a graphic calm and peaceful intensity that remind us that some of the most beautiful patterns in the world come from nature.

Made responsibly

Monika Petersen’s artworks are created with a focus on sustainability. She creates all the Lino Prints, which the posters are reprinted from, by hand, and without using dangerous chemicals. The Lino blocks are cleaned in vegetable oil instead of toxic cleaners after printing. The oil makes the Lino more durable, and thereby ensures the optimal utilization of the materials.

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