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Inspired by nature

Welcome to a world where time, endurance and precision come together.

In artworks that exude a graphic calm and peaceful intensity that reminds us that some of the most beautiful patterns come from nature.

Monika works mostly from her atelier in North Zealand, and she is enormously inspired by the nature surrounding her there.

Making her mark

Monika Petersen´s favourite motives are the beautiful shapes and structures found in nature.

Timeless motives in up-to-date colour schemes allow her artworks to bring a bit of nature into our modern homes. 

Sketches & art drawings

“I try to plan my carvings so that when they are transferred from paper to linoleum, they float in a light and elegant way”.


Monika carves small, detailed cuts with a sharp gouge blade into the surface of the bench hooked linoleum block.

This makes her final Art Prints look almost three-dimensional.

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