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A Handmade Approach

Monika Petersen has chosen an old and traditional craft as her form of artistic expression. A Linocut is a relief print that uses a linoleum block as the surface into which the design is carved and printed from.

Monika creates modern Linocut artworks – a handmade approach that requires patience and precision.

“It is a bit like when a ceramic artist opens the kiln door – you never quite know what the outcome will be.”

The Brayer

A careful mix of linseed oils are chosen and blended with pigment, copper, silver and if required even with gold 23¾ carat.

The fluid is then spread evenly with a small rubber roller (Brayer). Intensity varies from print to print hence each of them will be unique.

Limited edition

Each Linoleum block has a limited lifespan due to the wear and tear it endures during the repeated impressions.

Beside the Artist´s Proof set aside for use by the artist, the edition is typically between 30 to 200 prints.

The limited edition is signed & numbered.

The Paper

Monika handles the heavy printing press herself to produce the prints one copy at a time.

To ensure elegance, quality and sustainability, Monika uses Cartiere Fabriano Belle Arti paper for her printmaking.

This art paper is not only of the highest quality but is also ecologically friendly, and produced from cellulose obtained from forest that are managed correctly and responsibly, according to strict social, economic and environmentally friendly production standards.

Final Inspection

After printmaking, the linoleum blocks are cleaned in vegetable oil which makes the organic linoleum material more durable.

The linoleum block is a pressed material made of ground cork and linseed oil mounted on woven, rough cloth to form a block.

The finished Lino Prints are then put in a wood rack to dry for a few days. After final inspection, the Linocuts are authorized for distribution.

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